Circulation Policy

Section 1.  Circulation (Amended 2/16/2018)
I. Library Cards
A. Applicants must present a valid photo ID (EX: driver’s license, school or military ID) with a current address. Other acceptable proof of address is mail received within the last 10 days, a valid car insurance policy, a current utility bill, rental agreement or receipt with a printed current address.
B. Children under 18 must be guaranteed by a parent or legal guardian to receive a card.
C. Applicants with a valid card from another NExpress library must use it or delete it and apply for a Leavenworth card. Blocks on existing NExpress cards must be resolved before they can be used. 
D. College students using a school address must provide a permanent address when applying for a card.
E. Residents of the VA Domiciliary may use their veteran’s ID to apply for a card but must include a valid secondary residential address.   
F. Organizations must provide a letter (on official letterhead) from a ranking official along with an application. This letter should contain the names of all authorized users. Each user of the organizational card must present a photo ID to use the card and all accumulated fines must be paid before each use of the card.
G. Users of a Leavenworth homeless shelter may use a document signed and dated by a shelter official, preferably on letterhead, as proof of address. The letter must include the applicant’s full name as it appears on their photo ID.
H. Non-residents of Kansas are charged $6.00 per year for a card. No refunds are provided for partial years.
I. Library cards are valid for one year from the date of issue
J. Fines/fees must be $10 or less to renew a card. Patrons must present their library card or photo ID or provide verbal verification of identifying information to renew their card.
K. $1.00 is charged to replace a lost card. Cards stolen/lost in a disaster are replaced for free. Cardholders are responsible for items borrowed on lost or stolen cards if the loss or theft has not been reported to the library. 
A. Patrons must present their library card or photo ID or provide verbal verification of identifying information to borrow materials. 
B. Library cards grant borrowing privileges for all circulating library materials. Responsibility for materials borrowed by minor children rests with their parent/s or legal guardian/s. 
C. Materials are loaned for the following periods:
     Circulating laptops, board games, In-Library use only, Ages 12+ only    1 day
     DVDs, Videogames, MiFi devices                                                            7 days
     New Adult books (in collection 6 months or less)                                  14 Days
     Books, Audiobooks, Magazines, CDs and Playaways                           21 days           
     Kansas Room, current issues periodicals, Reference Materials          In-Library only
D. The total number of Leavenworth Public Library items that can be on a library card at one time are:
Books, Audiobooks, Magazines                                                         No limit
CDs, DVDs, Playaways                                                                                6
Video games                                                                                                 2
Board games                                                                                                1
E. Material may be renewed twice by phone, in person, or online. Materials with holds cannot be renewed.
F. Holds are filled in the order in which they are received. If a hold is not picked up within 7 days of notification, the item is released for circulation. There is no limit on the number of holds a patron can place.
III. Fines and Fees for Lost or Damaged Material

A. Fines for overdue materials begin to accrue 24 hours after the due date (1 day grace period).
B. Fine for all overdue materials is $.10 per day to a maximum of $3.00 per item.
C. Access to library services, including borrowing and internet access, is blocked when fines or fees exceed $10.
D. The fee for lost items or items that must be replaced due to damage is the full cost on the catalog record of the item. Other fees are:
Missing CD/DVD from a set,        Cost of missing items or entire set if individual
board game parts                         replacement items not available                               
Missing barcode or container       $2.00
Interlibrary loan items                   Determined by owning library
Fee for damage repair                  $5.00

E. Items are marked lost once they are overdue by 45 days. If a lost item is paid for then returned within 45 days of being marked lost, the borrower will be refunded the replacement cost. Fines on lost or damaged items are waived if the borrower pays full replacement or repair cost. 
F. Guarantors/parents cards will be blocked if the total fines/fees on their guarantee/child’s card exceeds $10.