Library Funding in Jeopardy

Mar 17, 2017
Written by cmcguire

Dear library user,
President Trump wants to eliminate the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). IMLS sends your tax dollars right back to Kansas where they are put to great use. One of the many services supported by IMLS is a wide selection of educational databases all Kansans can access free of charge. Kansans use them to search for jobs, auto repair info, to study for entrance exams, homework research, to learn foreign languages and much more.
In 2016, the databases were queried 164,860,266 times, an average of 5.2 times per second, every day, all year. The cost for each of those searches: $.006. That’s right. Less than a penny apiece.  
Since 1996, IMLS has been a great investment of the taxes we pay. Kansans receive world class information at an incredibly low cost. Please contact our elected officials in Washington and tell them to take IMLS off the chopping block. Each of them has a “Contact” tab on their websites listed below.
Matt Nojonen
Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins
Topeka office: (785) 234-5966
US Senator Pat Roberts
Overland Park office: (913) 451-9343
US Senator Jerry Moran
Olathe office: (913) 393-0711