Please Hold

Nov 01, 2017
Written by cmcguire
Being on hold is usually annoying. You never know when the person on the other end is going to come back. The longer you wait, the more frustrated you can get. At the Library, though, we encourage patrons to be “on hold” when it comes to reserving the latest new book, movie, television series or music release. 
We share a catalog with 48 other libraries in the Northeast Kansas Library System (NEKLS). When a popular item arrives, there may be more people who want to check it out than there are copies in the system. Sometimes, it may be months before it is available. To make sure that you don’t have to wait so long, you can place a hold on it before it even arrives.
Local holds priority was recently activated in the NEKLS catalog. What this means is that Leavenworth items will circulate first with Leavenworth patrons who have it on hold before patrons of other libraries can get it. The order of the hold list is no longer as important; it matters more that you placed the hold. This update to the consortium system is already benefiting Leavenworth patrons who place holds. If you need help learning how to place holds, or how to use the online catalog more effectively, drop by the Library and ask any staff member for guidance.
The process for placing a hold is fairly easy. Log in to your library account and search for the item you want. You don’t have to have the entire title, but it does help if you know the key words in the title and the author for a book, director or main actor for a movie. You can refine your selection even further:
  • For the very latest releases, put “Street Date” in the search box. All of the titles that have records in the catalog will show up. You can filter your search to include only books, only movies or any other category.
  • For a particular season for a television show, enter a keyword or two from the title plus the word “season.” (If it is a British show, use the word “series.”) All of the available seasons for that particular show will be listed.
  • For an audiobook, enter key words from the title, the author and the word “sound.” This will eliminate regular books from the search.
  • With an Advanced Search, you can narrow it even further to the type of item, such as book, audiobook, dvd, publication date, fiction, nonfiction and many other criteria.  
Once you find the item you want, there is a small icon with “Place Hold” in blue immediately below the information. Click on it and voilà, you are on the list to check it out. This is probably the only time you will enjoy being on hold, so please take advantage of it.