Fun & Games

Websites for Children:
  • ALA Great Websites for Kids
  • BLS  Games, quizzes, and other student resources provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Dictionary
  • Cool Math  An amusement park of math and more . . . Lessonas and games designed for fun!
  • How Stuff Works 
  • Math Manipulatives  Math can be more fun, more engaging, more meaningful... this site contains some resources to help you add fun, excitement and meaning to your math program through the use of technologies! 
  • Novelist Plus  What should I read next?
  • Online Story Time  Provided by Barnes & Noble
  • Read Write Think  Here at ReadWriteThink, our mission is to provide educators, parents, and afterschool professionals with access to the highest quality practices in reading and language arts instruction by offering the very best in free materials. 
  • Wonderopolis  Welcome to Wonderopolis®, a place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages. Brought to life by the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL), our Wonders of the Day® will help you find learning moments in everyday life.
  • Word A Day 


Homework Help

Need help with homework? Check out these resources brought to you by the Kansas State Library. You can also find information listed by subject on our Explore a Topic page as well as other Education and School Resources.

This FREE digital resource reads picture books to children in their language.