Leavenworth Public Library

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  • Gratitude

    This is my year to host Thanksgiving. Due to anticipation of next week’s festivities, I admittedly have not been as focused on my work this week as I should be. […]

  • Do Not Pass Go

    Libraries are known as the place to go to share culture in the form of books, music, movies and even technology. More and more they are becoming not just a […]

  • New and Improved

    Each year the Leavenworth Library Foundation generously donates money to purchase essential items that do not fit in our budget. Two years ago, they purchased 12 laptops for patrons to […]

  • The Never Ending Story

    For the past few months, we have spent a lot of time working on a new Library website, which will launch on Monday, Oct. 8. Web design is not really […]