Public Display Policy

III. Public Display Areas and Distribution of Community Information

The library display areas shall be used for educational, informational, artistic, and cultural materials provided by individuals, community groups, and non-profit organizations. Displays should be appropriate for public viewing in a place that is open to people of all ages. Display spaces are provided for presentation and distribution on an equitable basis to all individuals and non-profit groups, regardless of beliefs or affiliations, in an effort by the library to present all points of view. Items that are political in nature such as posters, petitions, or notices for political parties or candidates or those advocating a position on a public issue are not allowed. All displays should provide impartial information.

All items for posting or display must be approved by an administrative level employee. In addition, display case requests will be approved by the Board. Approval of displays and posted materials does not constitute an endorsement by the library or the Board of any cause or activities. Exhibitors whose materials are refused for display may appeal to the Board at their next meeting.

 The following guidelines govern the use of the library’s display areas:  

Artist of the Month-The Artist of the Month display is scheduled by the Leavenworth County Artists Association for a one-month period. The artist is responsible for installation and removal of his/her display. Prior to installation, a Display of Artwork Agreement must be filled out and left at the check-out desk. Artists are encouraged to post a statement about their work, and may include contact information, but no price tags or posting of a price list is allowed. The library assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to exhibited materials.

 Display Cases– The entryway display cases may be reserved up to twelve months in advance, on a first-come, first-served basis. Library displays have precedence. Exhibits are scheduled for no more than one month with no more than one display case reservation per group per calendar year. The organization or individual is responsible for setting up and taking down the display and bringing all necessary supplies. A Leavenworth Public Library Display Case Reservation Request Form must be filled out and returned to the Reference desk at least six weeks prior to the scheduled requested date. The display cases are locked; however, the library assumes no responsibility for the security, damage, or theft of any item in the cases. Items or services for sale may not be advertised in the display cases, and specific fund-raising events may not be the theme of the display.

Bulletin Board/Brochure Rack-All material for posting must be initialed and dated by an administrative level staff member. Due to limited space, items will be posted for no more than thirty days. The library reserves the right to establish size and number restrictions on items posted, displayed, or distributed. Materials not allowed for posting include, but are not limited to the following: petitions, direct solicitations, surveys, and sale of items or services from for-profit businesses. This includes, but is not limited to, advertisements for child care, music lessons, tutoring, items for sale, or garage sales. Materials provided by individuals without organizational affiliation or by for-profit businesses will be accepted for posting only when advertising events or services free to the public, and when space permits.