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Alternative Energy  

This three-volume set introduces students to issues surrounding both current energy sources and alternative energy options. While there is significant discussion of the non-renewable resources now used to meet the majority of the world's energy needs (oil, coal and natural gas), the primary focus of the set is on newer options to meet the ever-growing demand.

American Men & Women of Science  

Current biography; Scientists, engineers and inventors; Science and technology; Biography and genealogy

Environmental Encyclopedia  

Provides in-depth, worldwide coverage of environmental issues. Each article is written in a nontechnical style and provides current status, analysis, and suggested solutions whenever possible.


Scholarly, government and general-interest titles covering all aspects of human impact to the environment.
International Union for Conservation of Nature

The IUCN is the world’s largest and most diverse environmental network. It harnesses the experience, resources and reach of its 1,300 Member organizations and the input of some 16,000 experts.

Salem Science

Includes the complete content of selected Salem Press print reference sets. Includes The Solar System. *requires login with Leavenworth Public library card