Borrowing Materials

Obtain & Use a Library Card
A photo id and proof of current address is required to apply for a library card. Acceptable proof of current address includes:

  • Mail postmarked within the last 10 days.
  • Utility bill, rental agreement or electronic bill.
  • If a document with current address is not available, visit the Library and ask for a postcard to be sent. Once you receive the postcard, it can be used as proof of current address.
  • A parent or guardian must accept responsibility for cards issued to their children under the age of 18.
  • Leavenworth Library cards can be used at Lansing Community Library and other NEXT Search Catalog libraries.
  • Library reserves the right to postpone circulation. All DVD, CD and audiobook borrowing must be completed 15 minutes before closing.
  • Library cards require renewal every year.

Circulation Policy

All library transactions are confidential. Parents or guardians of minors who are listed as guarantor or authorized users on a minor’s card may be granted access to that minor child’s patron information upon providing proof of identity.

Confidentiality Policy

Access Account Online
Use the Log in to Your Account link at top of the web page to log in with full card number and password. Once logged in items can be renewed, pay fines with PayPal, view guarantee’s checkouts if applicable, place holds and access digital content.

Material Limits
A total of 100 Leavenworth Public Library items can be on a library card at one time. The following limits apply to particular types of material:

  • DVDs & CDs: 9
  • Video games: 2
  • Board games: 1

Due Dates
Due dates are determined by the type of material checked out.

  • New Adult Regular Print Books: 2 week checkout for the first 6 months at the Library
  • Regular & Large Print Books: 3 week checkout
  • Audiobooks: 3 week checkout
  • DVDs, CDs & board games: 1 week checkout

Fees for Lost or Damaged Material
The Library does not charge fines for overdue material.

Access to library services, including borrowing and computer access, is blocked when fees exceed $10. The fee for lost items or material that must be replaced due to damage is the full cost on the catalog record. Log into the NEXT Search Catalog to pay fees with PayPal.

Other fees are:

  • Missing CD/DVD disc from a set is the cost of the missing item(s) or entire set if individual replacement not available
  • Missing board game parts is cost of the missing item(s) or entire set if individual replacement not available
  • Interlibrary loan item repair or replacement costs determined by the owning library

Items are marked lost once they are overdue by 45 days. If a lost item is paid for then returned within 45 days of being marked lost, the borrower will be refunded the replacement cost. Fines on lost or damaged items are waived if the borrower pays full replacement or repair cost. Guarantors/parents cards will be blocked if the total fees on their guarantee/child’s card exceeds $10.

Any item can be renewed up to 2 times, as long as there are no holds on the item. Each renewal is the same loan period as original checkout: (ex: renewals for DVDs extend the due date by one week per renewal). Once both renewals have been used, the complete item must be returned to the Library. If there are no holds on the item, it can be checked out again.

Patrons may renew items online, phone or in person.

  • Online by accessing your account. Log in with your full card number and password using the Log in to Your Account link at top of the web page. If you have forgotten your password, contact the Library, staff will reset it.
  • Call 913-682-5666 ext. 1100 to reach the main desk. Patrons must confirm account information before staff can discuss patron accounts or renew items. Leaving a message asking staff to renew material does not constitute a renewal. Staff will contact the proper patron to confirm account and renew items.
  • Visit the Library to discuss your account, renew items.

A hold is a reservation placed on an item in the NEXT Search Catalog. When the item arrives at the Library you will be notified based on your account preferences: email, phone or postcard. The item remains at the main desk for 7 days then will be returned to the home library. Holds are the best way to get new items faster and access items from NEXT consortium libraries.

Holds can be placed online or in person.

  • Online, no limit on how many items you can place on hold.
    1. Log in with full card number and password using the Log in to Your Account link at top of the web page.
    2. Search for item by title, author or subject.
    3. Select the “place hold” icon.
    4. Confirm hold information.
    5. Click “confirm hold.”
  • Visit the Library and speak to a staff member. Staff can place up to 3 holds per patron per day. Staff can also show you how to access your account and place holds online.