2021 Annual Report

Dear Taxpayer: Do you ever wonder what you get for your investment in the Library?

That’s a tough question. Many of our “products” are intangible. What value can be assigned to the learning, fun and excitement about literacy a child gains when they come to a story hour? How can a price be put on using Library resources to find a job, fix a car, cook a great dinner, improve health, learn to knit? How about the simple pleasure of reading/hearing a good book, listening to favorite music, watching a new movie? The right to read what you want without interference?

One way to bring the actual dollar value of the Leavenworth Public Library into perspective is to do some calculation of basic financial and Library use statistics.  2021 Annual Report Infographic

In 2021, the Library received $1,262,442 in local tax dollars and loaned 198,503 items. It cost $5.36 in local tax dollars every time an item was borrowed last year.

Using books as the basis, in 2021 the Library spent $64,238 on books and loaned 78,821 (not counting loans to other libraries). It cost $.81 in local tax dollars every time a book was borrowed last year. 

The School Library Journal conducts an annual market survey to find out how much books cost. In 2021, the average price for a book was $18.33. Each time a taxpayer borrowed a book from the Leavenworth Public Library in 2021, they saved an average of $17.52.

In 2021, taxpayers saved a total of $2,029,306 by borrowing books from the Leavenworth Public Library. That is $766,864 more than the total local tax dollars received by the Library last year.

Not bad.