Holidays and Snow Days

by Cindy McGuire, Programming/Marketing Coordinator

My internal clock has been off since the Christmas holiday. I had four days off in a row that week, then a weekend off, one workday and a day off the next for the New Year. Then this week, it was a three-day weekend with the Martin Luther King holiday. I appreciate paid days off; however, they always make me feel like I should be working and I can’t quite enjoy them as I should. Snow days are a different matter. I cherish and celebrate them by snuggling up with a blanket, hot chocolate and a good book.

Many of our patrons must feel the same way, because throughout the day on Tuesday, we had several spurts of people rushing to check out stacks of books and DVDs in anticipation of a snow day on Wednesday.

I grew up in a place where the average winter temperature was -10 degrees, with two feet of snow that did not melt from Thanksgiving until the beginning of April. I remember only two school snow days in my entire childhood: once when I was in kindergarten when we had a blizzard that dumped about three feet of snow overnight, the other was when I was in high school, when the temperature was around -40 degrees. We went to school the next day when it warmed up to -25 degrees. So anytime I get a snow day, or even an early or late closing due to the weather, I get very excited.

I started a book over the weekend that was not great but interesting enough to find out what happens next. On Tuesday, I happened to stay later than my normal hours at work to finish something. So when the library closed early at 6 p.m. due to the weather, I suddenly could not wait to get home to have my so-called “snow evening.” With my two cats in my lap, I settled in for an evening with the rest of the book. I could hear the ice pellets and wind outside. The warmth created by my two purring heaters plus the fact that the weather was bad enough for the library to close made the story much more enjoyable.

The next time the forecast calls for a snowstorm, I recommend that you stop by the library to stock up on books, movies and music for another snow day, or any day-snow, ice, rain or shine. Staff recommendations and smiles are always provided at no charge along with your free supplies. The library can help you endure anything, even a warm, sunny day.