Leavenworth DIBS

Leavenworth DIBS is a collection of e-books and e-audiobooks on the Libby app, just for Leavenworth Public Library patrons. It is new, it will grow and it will put the newest, most popular titles in your hands first! We would love to hear from you about the collection, what you like about it, how we can make it better and better. Email your suggestions, questions, comments to [email protected]. Funding for Leavenworth DIBS is courtesy of the Leavenworth Public Library Foundation. Our deepest thanks to them and all their donors for their support. If you would like to contribute to the Foundation, visit the Leavenworth Library Foundation page for more information.

To set up Libby follow these Libby app instructions.

If you already set up your Libby app, you can find Leavenworth DIBS as soon as you open the app.

To sort DIBS to only see books or audiobooks perform the following:

  • Click on Leavenworth DIBS
  • Select Refine
  • Choose Format
  • Select your preferred format

To set Libby to automatically show only books or audiobooks throughout the app perform the following:

  • Click on Leavenworth DIBS
  • Select Preferences
  • Set Format as well as other options
  • Click Apply Preferences.