Library Initiative Seeks Community Feedback

By Sarah Lyons, Freelance writer

The Leavenworth Public Library has launched a community engagement initiative to plan what services the Library will provide in the future. Public opinions will be gathered via surveys through June 16th and the planning process will continue through October 2022.

“We cannot determine community needs in a vacuum.” says Leavenworth Library Director, Matt Nojonen. “The purpose of the initiative is to hear from the community, library users, and non-users of all ages. Their opinions will help shape the future of the library services, budgets, and programs.”

According to Nojonen, the library typically follows a three year planning cycle. “The library world and community expectations change so fast that it is almost impossible to plan five years ahead. The community can expect progress and change based on what we hear from them.”

Surveys are available for all community members on the library’s website. This will help gather information based on community opinion, needs and expectations.

Links for surveys:

Online survey for youth age 12 to 18:, and for the general public:

“It would be great to get thousands of responses,” says Nojonen. “We hope people take our survey and tell their family and friends about it, share the links, and help get the word out. We are particularly interested in hearing from those who are not library users. We want to learn how to meet their needs, now and in the future. We may find out we need to do a better job of communicating what we already have to offer.”

Per the Library Director, the plan will include real, measurable goals which will allow for continual evaluation of programs in order to make adjustments when and where necessary so they can “Adapt, adopt, and improve!”

“Meeting the needs of the community as they express them is the best way to provide the best service.” says Nonjonen. “We are making every effort to identify those needs and build a plan around them.”

All questions about the library’s strategic planning process can be directed to Matt Nojonen, Library Director, at 913-682-5666, extension 9100 or [email protected]