Meet You at the Curbside

The Leavenworth Public Library’s goal from the very beginning of the pandemic was “The Most Service, The Safest Way.” Many new approaches and techniques were adopted, including curbside service. Since February, the number of active cases has dropped consistently and the number of people who have completed the vaccination cycle has steadily increased. These factors are probably why more and more people are comfortable coming into the Library and the number of patrons using curbside service is rapidly shrinking.  

However, curbside is still preferred by some patrons. It may be a medical necessity, it may be the understandable desire to exercise caution. Whatever the reason, maintaining curbside service is important but it must be balanced with the increasing demand for unrestricted access to the building.

Starting Monday, May 10, the Library will no longer be closed during curbside hours. Instead, curbside service will be available every day until 30 minutes before closing time. It works almost exactly it has for months. The only difference is that a staff member will no longer be stationed at the main entrance. Once you receive an email notification or a phone call from the Library informing you that a hold is ready for pickup, come to the Library and pull into the curbside area. Once you are in the pickup area, call 913-682-5666. A staff member will ask a couple of questions to verify your identity then bring the material to your vehicle.

This service will operate 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, noon to 4:30 p.m. on Sunday. Please remember, the only materials that will be available for curbside pickup are the ones for which you have received an email or phone call notification. Staff cannot take hold requests at the curb.

If you would like assistance with placing material on hold but do not want to enter the building, you can call the Library or try our “Lettuce Pick” service. Start by visiting the Library’s website ( then scroll down our main page until you see the “Lettuce Pick” image. It looks delicious! Click there, then click on the link that fits your age category. Fill out a very brief form to help identify your preferred reading, viewing or listening. A staff member will use that information to select three items that fit your taste and put them on hold for you. Once you receive notification that your hold/s are ready, you can come in to pick them up or use our new form of curbside service as described above.

We are very happy that our facility will be fully open for the full range of daily hours. We hope that you visit us soon and get back into the Library habit.