New and Improved

Each year the Leavenworth Library Foundation generously donates money to purchase essential items that do not fit in our budget. Two years ago, they purchased 12 laptops for patrons to check out within the library, as well as new technology for our meeting rooms. For 2018, we requested new furniture. It arrived on Thursday and we are excited about it!

When you have a public space that experiences more than 10,000 visits each month, furniture and equipment can wear out quickly. The last time the Library purchased furniture was in 2010 when the Teen Room addition was completed. Our old furniture lasted several years, and some of it still has a few years’ more use left. However, most of it is long overdue for replacement. We required something easier to clean, more functional and adaptable to our changing needs.

We now have more comfortable task chairs at every patron computer station. Our mismatched “lounge” furniture, located in the lobby, atrium and Teen Room, has been replaced with easier-to-clean love seats and chairs that all match. We also have new folding chairs for the Jahn Room, our large meeting room. If anyone has helped put away the old chairs after a program or meeting, they will appreciate that the new ones are much lighter, and that they take up less room on their new storage rack. We are ordering a new podium equipped with its own sound system for this meeting room as well.

Please excuse the temporary mess in the lobby and atrium until we sell off the old furniture. Anyone is welcome to purchase from our mature collection of chairs to redecorate your home or office. Due to lack of storage space, we cannot hold or store any of the old furnishings, so be prepared to take them with you when you pay for them:

  • meeting room chairs – $5 each
  • computer chairs – $5 each
  • loveseats – $50 each
  • chairs – $25 each

Many thanks again to the Leavenworth Library Foundation for providing the Library’s furniture makeover.