Patron Code of Conduct

Section 3. Patron Behavior

I. Code of Conduct (Amended 3-11-21)

The Patron Code of Conduct has been adopted by the Board in an effort to provide an inviting atmosphere for patrons to use the library. As part of establishing an environment of accessibility and pleasant surroundings, the library will not condone behaviors that are damaging to library property or materials, or that disturb the work of staff or activities of other patrons. Library staff will ensure that all patrons abide equally by the guidelines stated in the code.

A. Any behavior disruptive to appropriate use of the library by staff or other patrons is prohibited.

B. All noise should be kept to a minimum volume. Cell phones are permitted, but conversations should not exceed normal conversational volume. Electronic devices and alarms should be set to vibrate or kept at a minimal volume.

C. The library should be used for appropriate purposes, such as browsing, reading, studying or researching. Sleeping, bathing, and other domestic activities are prohibited.

D. Shirts, shoes, and appropriate personal hygiene are required when using the library.

E. Smoking is prohibited on library property, including library parking lot.

F. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are prohibited on library property. Overt signs of intoxication or drug use are similarly prohibited.

G. Defacing, vandalizing, mutilating, or stealing library property is prohibited.

H. Staff work areas are not open to the public.

I. Library telephones are not available to the public, except in the case of emergencies. In emergency use of Library telephones Library staff will place the call.

J. Physical, sexual, or verbal harassment or abuse of staff and/or patrons is prohibited.

K. Library patrons are responsible for personal items while using the library. All personal items should remain with the patron at all times. This Library will not be liable for lost or stolen items.

L. Bicycles are prohibited from the library; other recreational wheeled items are permitted only as transportation to and from the library. This Library will not be liable for lost or stolen items.

M. Solicitation of all types is prohibited on library property.

N. Photography, sound recording, or filming on library property must cease at the request of any staff member.

O. Food is prohibited. Drinks are prohibited at computer work stations and in the Kansas Room In other areas, drinks must be carried in a spill-proof container with a lid

Any violation of this code may result in revocation of library privileges. Certain violations may result in trespass or criminal prosecution. Any use of the library assumes acceptance of the terms of this code.