The Digital Study Room

Back in the “olden days,” no one had a computer in school or at home. The only tablets students owned had “Big Chief” on the cover and a #2 pencil was all that was required to operate it. Teachers used books, worksheets, chalkboards, overhead projectors and filmstrips as teaching tools. Some kids were fortunate to have a set of encyclopedias at home for school research projects. They contained a lot of information, but they only scratched the surface of any particular subject. For more in-depth facts and figures, the public library was the best resource.

During normal times at the Leavenworth Public Library, we see many students here doing homework and researching information for school projects. Of course, times haven’t been normal for several months. School starts soon and many students may be learning and studying online exclusively. The Library wants to connect them to reliable online information and assistance as they work in a very different, remote learning world. Parents who find themselves in new roles as teachers and tutors can benefit as well. 

We have built the Digital Study Room; a place on our website where students in all grade levels and their parents can find a great selection of easy-to-use, free online resources in one place. Using some of the links on the page will require a Kansas Library eCard. Students and parents can sign up for an eCard online through the link on the page or by calling the Library’s Reference desk at 913-682-5666 ext. 2100.

The Digital Study Room is the place for 24/7 help with schoolwork. Thorough, accurate material on math, language arts, science, history, foreign languages, etc. is available for all grade levels, Kindergarten through high school. We also included other free resources to help parents with activities, lesson plans and math concepts. A sample of what is available in the Digital Study Room:

  • Learning Express Library: multiple sources for practice tests, exercises and study tips, all grades
  • Explora: information for school reports
  • Today’s Science: the latest scientific discoveries and ongoing research
  • The World Almanac: quick facts and basic information on just about everything

For students who wait until the last minute to start their projects, the Digital Study Room is always open even though the Library is closed. Multiple people in the house can access it at the same time. Parents and teachers can feel confident that the information comes from reputable sources.

Changes in where children learn should not should get in their way or make the process harder. The Leavenworth Public Library will continue to evolve and provide options that support education in the digital era. Another big advantage to the Digital Study Room – you won’t have to stay six feet apart or wear a mask. Information is just a click away.