Seed Library

Humans have been saving seeds for more than 12,000 years. However, much of that knowledge has been lost over the last 100 years. We have started a seed library to help our community:

  • Develop seed stock that is well-suited to our local climate
  • Save money
  • Experience the pleasures of growing things
  • Increase biodiversity of plant species

How to Borrow Seeds

Our Seed Library is available to all community members at no cost. While we encourage you to try as many seeds as you wish, please do not take more than you actually need. We want all local residents to have the opportunity to enjoy our Seed Library.

  • Come in to the Library and browse the Seed Cabinet for seeds that you want to try
  • Take the seed packets you want, along with the growing notes located behind each type of seed
  • Mark the seeds you take on the Seed Inventory sheet

Current List of Available Seeds

How to Donate and Return Seeds

At harvest time, please take some extra steps to save seeds for others. We ask that a portion of the seeds you save be returned to our Seed Library to keep it self-sustaining. Ask a staff member for seed envelopes for your donated seeds.

  • Ask a staff member for a growing notes form and seed envelope for each type of seed you wish to donate
  • Fill out the information on the growing notes form and attach it to the seed envelope with your seeds inside
  • Check in with a staff member when you bring your seeds back to the library

Seed Saving Resources from K-State Research and Extension

The Library also accepts packets of seeds purchased from stores. Please check with a staff member when you bring in donated seed packets.