Library budgets have resulted in general fund mill rate reductions four times in the last ten years, including FY2023 and FY2024. At the same time, quality services have been maintained. Collections have grown. Unique digital content has been added. Technology is up-do-date. Barriers to access have been eliminated. Outreach to daycares and preschools has been established. New programs have attracted ever-growing numbers of patrons

Library budgets are the result of painstaking analysis of real data. Budgets, expenditures and balances for 63 line items have been tracked for 15 years to make sure funds are properly allocated. Detailed library service data is analyzed to discover trends in community needs. Direct input from hundreds of people has been gathered through strategic planning conducted in 2015, 2018 and 2022. This information plays a crucial role in identifying real needs and budgeting collections, services, staff, supplies and technology to meet them.  

On 8/31, the Library Board of Trustees held a special meeting to review the Library’s FY2024 again and consider the feasibility of a revenue neutral budget. The Board voted 7-0 to re-affirm the original FY2024 Library budget submitted to the City of Leavenworth. Below are some of the facts that informed the decision. 


(17% of all Library tax revenue)

  • $127,617 cut in City property tax funding  
  • $7,000 cut in motor vehicle tax funding
  • $10,000 cut in State funding is triggered (KS Grant-in-aid formula)  
  •  $62,286 cut in funding from the NEKLS regional library. NEKLS standards require a library to be eligible for the Kansas Grant-in-aid in order to receive a Development Grant
  • A $206,903 cut equals 90% of the entire FY2024 materials budget
  • A $206,903 cut equals 71% of the entire FY2024 services and supplies budget
  • A $206,903 cut equals 24% of the entire FY2024 payroll


Matt Nojonen
Leavenworth Public Library